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Research, Ice Boat, 2018 - ongoing

Ice, water

Dimension variable

Continuing my commitment to an engagement with the landscape and ideas about site, the current work Ice Boat serves as a poetic symbol of reparation - a passionate inducement for considering the origins of culture. The idea of the iceboat emerged from the land. It is about the transference of water melting, liquefying back to itself, and returning to its origin, that is, back to the landscape. The ice sculpture will be installed directly into the desert regions in Australia. 


As the ice boat melts, following the arc of the sun, it leaves behind a “trace” of water, a shadow of traveling light. And as the water returns life to the land, it reveals the after burn of native wild flowers. The visual poeticism of a boat emerging from the land and returning to the land, indirectly, it carries a powerful reference to a cyclical movement, a motion always in a state of becoming. 

Water is the primary medium, the holder of both sky and land, and the light. The sculptural form reflects the deep green interior emerging from the glacier, cracking and shifting in response to the wind and sun, and moving towards the sun’s heat. 

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