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       Ed, Douglas S, Lowry, S, Anywhere VII, Conveyor, 2018




        Sachs, Zachary, Sites of Knowledge, ARTFORUM Critics Picks 

        Sites of Knowledge at Jane Lombard Gallery, New York BLOUINARTINFO, June 16, 2017 




        Radio New Zealand. Saturday Morning with Kim Hill. 

        Bryt, Anthony. Feature Interview with Simone Douglas, Metro Magazine, Australia

        Batchen, Geoffrey, Emanations: The Art of the Cameraless Photograph, Govett Brewster Gallery, New Plymouth,New Zealand

        Ed, Douglas S, Lowry, S, Anywhere VI, Conveyor

        Ed. Douglas S, Lowry, ANYWHERE AND ELSEWHERE. Art at the Outermost Limits of Location-Specifity. Conveyor.

        Dr Foster, A, Disquietude: Landscape and the Australian Imagination, Auckland Festival of Photography, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, Auckland, New Zealand

        Blind, Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China



         Grisham, Sasha, Australian Art: A History, pub. The Miegunyah Press. Melbourne University Publishing, 2015, Melbourne

         Promise. Interview ABC National Radio, Adelaide, Australia

         Promise. Interview ABC Regional Radio. Broken Hill. Australia

         Eternal Return (Sun to Sun) & Promise Interview. 2SER Radio, Sydney, Australia

         Australian artist Simone Douglas to build ice boat in Broken Hill's Living Desert, ABC Regional, Broken Hill, Australia



         Junker, Ute, Art & The Outback, Qantas Magazine, Sydney, Australia

         Dr Foster, A, Disquietude: Landscape and the Australian Imagination, Auckland Festival of Photography, Columbia International Festival of Photography. Bogota,                                              Colombia.

         Promise. Interview. ABC Regional Radio. Broken Hill. Australia.

         Simone Douglas & Chris Bucklow. Interviewed by Barbara Dowse, Sun to Sun, Artereal.,

         Sun to Sun., Time Out. Sydney., 2014/Oct

         Wolff,S. Sun to Sun, Art Life, 2014/Sep

         Eveson, Imogen, Sun to Sun at Artereal Gallery, Broadsheet, 2014/Sep

         Walcott, Rhianna, External Return, Artereal blogspot, 2014/Sep

         Zhou, Amelia, Christopher Bucklow and Simone Douglas: Sun to Sun, Concrete Playground, 2014/Aug

         Hanrahan,C & Croggan, N. Sequester, Sequester.

         Ed. Hanrahan,C & Croggan, N. Sequester, Embassy of Australia, Washington DC, USA



          Rachel Bentley (producer). ArtExpress, TVS. Three part Documentary series. Featured Artists: Simone Douglas, Ben Qulity, Paul Riggio. Documentary series                                                     commissioned by the Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney Australia.



          Art Chat, Simone Douglas in conversation with Thomas Robertson, Art Gallery of NSW, Australia

          Landscape and place. Australian Photography since the 1970’s. Art Gallery New South Wales, Sydney, Australia 

          AETHER-ART: Simone Douglas at Artereal and Art Gallery of New South Wales.

          Walcott, Rhianna, Simone Douglas: Eve” Web

          RE: Conceptualizing VisionPingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China

          Douglas, Simone, The Total Archive, Conveyor, United States     



          Stand in Landscape, Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China

          Stand-In: Landscape. Jim Ramer, Arthur Ou and Simone Douglas's Work, Pics. August, no 022, China



          Ed.Ou, Arthur. Blind Spot. Photo-Based Art Inc., Issue 40, Hackensack, NJ, United States


         Annear, Judy (ed), Photography, Art Gallery of New South Wales Collection, Art Gallery of New South Wales. Sydney Australia 

         Perriz, Ingrid, Australian Artists in the United States of America, Art & Australia, Vol. 44 Winter No. 4. pp. 600–605. Paddington, Australia

         Kirkner, Anne, Zero, Photofile, Winter, Australian Centre for Photography. Paddington, Australia



         Erlhoff, Michael. Sky of the Skies, pub. Artereal. Sydney, Australia. 

         Halstead. D and Tuato’o Ross Cathy, Blind Visions, Zero,  New Zealand.

         Key Note Essay, Lionel B, Zero

         Halstead.D, Tuato’o Ross. C, The indexical, Zero, New Zealand

         Douse, Barbara, Light, Artereal Gallery, April, Sydney, Australia

         Clement, Tracey, Sky of the Skies, Sydney Morning Herald, March Sydney, Australia

         Douglas, S, Quiet Passage, Breathing Space, Artereal Gallery, Sydney.

         Garside, Sioux (ed), Sightseeing, CoFA, University of New South Wales Kensington, Australia.

         Maral, Louise (ed.), Sightseeing in Beijing–Sydney, The University of Sydney News, Sydney, Australia

         Glenn, Matt, Beautiful Decay, SCA Fold, Sydney, Australia



         Erlhoff, Michael, et all, Blind Visions. pub. Birkhäuser Architecture, Basel, Switzerland, Boston, Massachusetts. Berlin, Germany

         Douglas, S, Mediations, Mediations I-XII



         Sightseeing, pub. University of Sydney and China Academy of Arts, Beijing, China

         International Edition, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia. Volume 36, No. 16 Douglas, S, Marking Time, Set.

         Maral, Louise. Sightseeing in Beijing and Sydney, Uni Arts, Uni News, The University of Sydney, International edition, Volume 36, No. 16




          Crombie, Isobel, First Impressions, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia (Exhibition Catalogue). First Impressions, The Ian Potter Centre: National                                                    Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia 

          Day, Charlotte, First Impressions: Contemporary Australian Photograms, Photofile, The Australian Centre for Photography, June, Paddington, Australia



         Harmonia, West Space, Melbourne, Australia 

         Silver, pub. by IDG Gallery, Sydney, Australia 

         Smee, Sebastian. Bare essentials, Sydney Morning Herald, 28/4/00, Sydney, Australia

         McFarlane, Robert. Stripping down to the bare minimum, Sydney Morning Herald, October 5 2000. Sydney, Australia

         Douglas, S, Picture Sydney; Landmarks of a New Generation, pub. Australian Museum. pp 3–7. Keynote essay & Photo Editor.



          Peterson, Tanya. An Uncertain Exchange, Artwrite, The College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, Australia, Issue No. 10




         Our Mothers, pub. Tabori & Chang Inc. New York, NY

         Chui, Melissa, Passage: Douglas, S. & Schumack, K pub. 4A Gallery, Sydney, Australia

         Cavernett, Wendy. Aberrant Art, (not only) black + white, no. 31, pub. Studio Magazines Pty Ltd, Darling Point, Australia. 

         Alexander, George. Up from the darkroom, Photofile. August, p. 3, Australian Centre for Photography. Paddington, Australia 1997

         McDonald, John. Photography is Dead! Long Live Photography! Sydney Morning Herald, 26/8/1997, Spectrum, p 14, Sydney, Australia


1997  Cavernett, Wendy, Simone Douglas at the MCA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia

          Cavernett, Wendy, PHOTOGRAPHY IS DEAD! LONG LIVE PHOTOGRAPHY!, MCA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia




          Michael, Linda, Introduction, Photography is Dead! Long Live Photography! Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia 

          Alexander, George, Freeze + Die + Revive, Photography is Dead! Long Live Photography! pub. Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia.

          Jolly, Martin, Photography’s Afterlife, Photography is Dead! Long Live Photography! Pub. Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia


         Peter Ride. Aberrations, Photofile. July/August, The Australian Centre for Photography, Issue #45. Paddington, Australia,

         Titterington, Chris. Simone Douglas, Aberrations, Creative Camera, Dec/Jan issue, Cornerhouse publications, United Kingdom

         Recent Acquisitions, The Victoria and Albert Museum. London, United Kingdom




        Charity, Ruth. Simone Douglas: Aberrations, pub. The Photographers Gallery, London, United Kingdom


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